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if I Need to Adjust My Status or I Need the Best Immigration Attorney in South Texas?

Changing visa status can be complex but rewarding. Let our immigration attorneys help.

Why do I need an immigration attorney to help with status adjustment?

The United States immigration system is complex and oftentimes confusing to all except for those who work closely with the system. That’s why our attorneys at Diez & Crane are here in Brownsville to walk you through the long process of gathering paperwork, filling out forms, and submitting your case. Our immigration firm can help those who are currently in the U.S. legally to adjust their status.

Making sure that you have a knowledgeable and qualified immigration lawyer on your team can make the process go more quickly and smoothly than doing it all on your own. Just one small mistake can cause long setbacks and delays in your immigration process, and extra time is not always something that you can afford when your life feels like it’s on hold.

Visa status adjustment is a crucial step in accomplishing your life goals, and each status comes with a unique list of opportunities — and limitations — available to you. Changing from a legal nonimmigrant status, such as a tourist visa or student visa or even a temporary work visa, to a permanent resident status can be complex. The process becomes even more complex if you are applying for legal status as an illegal immigrant.

What are the requirements for status adjustment?

Status adjustment is allowed through the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), but in order to be eligible you must meet specific requirements.

Our attorneys will need to know if any of the below situations apply to you:

  • You currently live in the United States, or you have been a resident since or before January 1, 1972.
  • You are a citizen of Cuba
  • You currently hold a diversity visa
  • You are a refugee
  • You have an employee who plans to sponsor your work visa
  • You have a family member who can sponsor you
  • Your fiancé is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident/green card holder

Can I adjust my status as an illegal immigrant?

Please remember that entering the U.S. illegally may disqualify you for certain immigration processes, including trying to gain legal status via marriage to a U.S. citizen. We will help you determine this, so please still contact us if you have questions as an illegal immigrant.

What’s my next step?

Talk to our attorneys to find out if a change of status is in your best interest and how to become eligible for a status adjustment. We’re here to help you with your immigration process in the Rio Grande Valley.


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Great immigration attorneys very professional and will fight for your rights.. 100% recommend them

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