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If I’m Having Trouble Getting My Passport or at I’m Risk of Deportation Because of My Birth Certificate

Our immigration attorneys can help you with your case in order to attempt to maintain your citizenship.

Why is my citizenship being questioned?

It’s not uncommon in our area for families to enlist the help of a midwife or to give birth in a community health center instead of going to a regional hospital. Unfortunately, there have been midwives in the past several decades who issued falsified birth documents to parents of babies who had actually been born in Mexico in order for them to be considered U.S. citizens.

Because of these few lawbreakers, many citizens in our area have come under scrutiny when obtaining or renewing their passports, whether their birth documents were legitimate or not. This is especially true for those who were born with midwives found to have committed the fraudulence. In some cases, these people have even been at risk of deportation.

Imagine living in the U.S. for your entire life and then to be told that it is at risk of being revoked!

What should I do if my passport application is denied or I’m at risk of deportation?

If this happens, it is essential to have a qualified immigration attorney fighting for you. Under the law, the only thing you can do if your passport is canceled or denied is to file a lawsuit in federal court, even if you are a citizen.

You have a period of 5 years after your passport is canceled or denied to file the lawsuit, and the sooner the better, especially if you have received a deportation notice. Reach out to us to help you as soon as possible, and you can get help from some of the best immigration legal help in Brownsville and Weslaco.

What can help my case?

If your parents have kept documents from your childhood, they may help support your case. Some of those documents include:

  • Immunizations
  • School records
  • Baptismal certificates
  • Mother’s legal status at time of birth

How can Diez & Crane help my case?

All of our legal staff have been trained and educated on how to handle these types of cases. Rest assured, we have the resources, the expertise, the experience, and the passion to help you through this legal process. We want to help you maintain your rightful citizenship as you are falsely accused of having fraudulent birth documents.

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